Saturday, November 28, 2009

TeamDNR MixControl

I have given the MixControl plugin created by TeamDNR a small facelift.
Actually there are 7 different "facelift" colors in this skin pack. ;)

Here are the download links for both the
small and the large skins for MixControl:
MixControl Large skins
MixControl Small skins

To install you need to unzip the files to your TeamDNR MixControl resources folder, on my harddrive those folder are located at:
C:\Program\TeamDNR\MixControl Large\Resources\Backgrounds
C:\Program\TeamDNR\MixControl Small\Resources\Backgrounds

Enjoy! and please drop a comment or two.

A|A|S UltraAnalog VA-1

I participated in the AudioMidi "no-brainer" deal a few weeks ago where the price on this synthesizer was so tempting I couldn't resist it,
alot of people bought it so let's hope this skin will get a decent amount of downloads. ;)

Anyway, here's the download link:
UltraAnalog skins for PC
UltraAnalog skins for MAC

To install these skins you'll have to unzip the zipfile directly to your UltraAnalog VA-1\Bitmap\ folder, this will create folders for both the Darkside and Lightside skins. Now you have to move the image files to the bitmap folder and replace the existing one. Renaming the files might be neccesary.

I don't have a Mac so I do not know if this is the correct installation procedure for Mac users, I doubt it would differ to much from the Pc version though.

For each skin there's 3 versions , with metal, without metal and colored sections.

And of course the obligatory screenshots.