Friday, June 25, 2010

rgc:audio z3ta+

Cakewalk have a blowout sale this month on the classic z3ta+ synthesizer, programmed by rgc:audio.
I among many others could not withstand the temptation to buy this great synth, however I found the original skin too bright. I wanted something darker and decided to make one for myself instead of using the already existing ones.
As always I'll also make it free for anyone who wants to use it.

You can download the skin (called ModernRetro) below:

preview image (clickable)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Arguru Voyager - Easier installer

Asseca has made an .exe installer for our Voyager skin, this should make the installation really simple for anyone.

Download new installer here: Voyager installer


If you DON'T have any other mGUI plugins installed:
Run the Voyager-lf.exe installer program to copy the folders+files into the VstPlugins folder.
--- OR ---

If you DO have any other mGUI plugins installed OR you DON'T want the skin-files in the VstPlugins folder:
Run the Voyager-lf.exe installer program to copy the folders+files to the asData folder.

Run asData\mGUIman.exe or asData\setVSTmGUIpaths.exe to automatically set the asData path in the registry.

Then copy/move the Arguru's Voyager.dll into the \asData\plugins folder.
The voyager.dll file can be downloaded at: The Aodix website

Then you should also download this >update< of the voyager_gui.dll file,
unrar it and overwrite the old voyager_gui.dll file.

If it for some reason still won't work properly the solution can be to move the "asdata" folder out of you "vstplugins" folder so that the host does not scan those files.

The preset banks are not included in this installer but can be downloaded here: Voyager preset banks

If you prefer the not to use an exe installer the old files are still available here: Original Voyager post