Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Strings Dream - RGB line

Another plugin from the Nusofting product line, named the Strings Dream Synthesizer. It is an emulation and tribute to the string machines of yesteryear. The three default gui's are all warm and vintage looking and reflecting this synths wherabouts, I thought that I'd change that. ;-)

So, I've made one new 'modern' looking skin with three colorschemes Red, Gree, Blue, hence the RGB in the title.

This skin modifies the actual screensize and layout of the plugin, because of this it won't work when the plugin is in demo mode. I'm really sorry for this but there's nothing I can do about that I'm afraid.
Because of the screensize change the the plugin needs to be restarted for this skin to be displayed right, closing and opening the gui won't work.

Download: Limeflavour's Strings Dream Synthesizer 1.00

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Modelonia from Nusofting

"Modelonia is a novel physical-modelling synthesizer which uses a hybrid of two distinct model 'types', a plucked-string model and a blown-bore (ie trumpet-type) model."

I have created a new skin for Modelonia, based on the layout
of the original skin to avoid confusion for existing users.
You can say that I've taken the original skin and (in my eyes) refined it and also made it slightly larger.

Download the skin here: Limeflavours Modelonia 1.00

And a screenshot:

Friday, February 12, 2010


Warbeats has released a Loudness maximizer plugin for free, it's a reskinned 'LoudMax' and is programmed by Thomas Mundt.

You can read more about it at: here
but you must be a member to download this plugin.

Fire & Ice synthesizer

Fire and Ice by Ametrine Audio was released at the end of 2009, it's a commercial synthesizer based on the Wusikstation v.5.8.4 engine.
The synth has 160 presets with 250 variations and is suited for 'Ambient, Electronic, Soundtrack, Hardcore and Acid House' genres.

I made two skins for this project, one cream colored (easy on the eyes) and one with the fire&ice concept, the latter one is pretty rough on the eyes.