Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tactilesounds - Substance

Substance is a newly released freeware/donationware VA synthesizer available in Windows vsti format.
The GUI, which I lend a helping hand with is following the same look and feel as Tactilesounds previous plugin the TS-808.
If you visit the Substance website (linked above) you will find many sounddemos to listen to and some extra soundpatches aswell, but ofcourse you should download the synth and try it out for yourself.

Supersynths - Supercore (not available)

A few months ago I created a skin for the Supercore plugin made by Supersynths.
Due to some circumstances this skin has never been implemented and the Supercore skin project never took off.
I post this here as I thought it would be nice to have the gui here aswell, as some sort of portfolio.

The screenshots are below and note that these gui's are not available to use.

More Ctrlr's

On a request I've created 2 more GUI's for the project.
This time it's the Novation Drumstation and the Novation Super Bass Station units.
You must have access to the hardware units if you want to use these plugins, the plugins can be downloaded at download area.

These plugins are no longer supported since the Ctrlr project was updated to version 5.