Friday, July 24, 2009

Jeremy Evers Atlantis - Skins updated to version 1.04

With the Update to version 0.9P of the Atlantis virtual synthesizer and filter plugin Jeremy added support for .png files and the use of their alphachannel for transparency.

Again I have updated my skins, and finally been able to eliminate some small bugs that has been bugging me for a long time.

These skins are available to use in both the synthesizer and the filter effect plugin.

Get the new version of the skins from the following link below.
Atlantis skins v1.04
Extra Pack 1

Also be sure you have the latest version of Atlantis, available for free at Jeremy's website :


Download the skins .rar-file.
Extract the .rar-file to Atlantis's 'Skins' folder.
Load up Atlantis in your Vst host, click the 'config' button on the gui and select your skin.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oatmeal Lumina - Updated to 'r5'

There was a bug with the faders on this skin, they did not respond to 'rightclicking' and finetuning. This is fixed in the 'r5' version.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Arguru Voyager - New skin made with help of Asseca

This time the new skin is a co-op with Asseca, I created all the graphics and Asseca implemented those using his own program mGui, we can now present you with 3+1 new skins for Voyager!
-Updated to version 1.04
  • Added presethandler at the top bar of the gui.
  • Removed the designer button, no more "moving objects around" accidents.
  • The "missing some steps when clicking displays" bug is fixed by Asseca.
  • Osc2 waveform and mirrorwaveform were mixed up, now fixed.
  • Skin4 modified.
First of all to use this skin you'll need to download mGui from Asseca's website (mGui.exe).

mGui needs to be installed in your
plugins directory,
mine would be [D:/Vstplugins].

So, now you've installed mGui and for me it would look like this [D:/Vstplugins/Asseca]

Download this skin file:
and extract it to the [Asseca/] folder.

-This step is very important!
Now you need to download Voyager and install it to the [Asseca/asData/plugins] folder,
if you already have voyager just move it to the same folder.

Start mGUIman.exe, located in the [Asseca/asData] folder.
Click the "UPDATE ALL DLLs" button located in the top left corner.

Start your Vst host and load the "Voyager_Gui" plugin, enjoy!

If you want to change a skin or a presetbank, rightclick an empty space on the gui and you will get a popup menu where you can handle presets and skins.