Saturday, October 27, 2012

Skin updated for Alchemy 1.50

I have updated my skin for Camel Audio's Alchemy to work with version 1.50 and above.

Coloring in the new presetbrowser is abit off in Alchemy 1.50 but if you're using the current Release Candidate version of Alchemy (1.50.1) the coloring is fixed.

This skin should also work with the Player version of Alchemy.

You can download the skin at Camel Audio by going to the user library in your account at their website. This version may be abit easier to install if you are not used to use .zipfiles.

Or you can download the .zipfile here:  Alchemy_Limeflavour_1.06_[v1.50]

Image below is from version 1.20.1 but the new skin will look roughly the same.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ceros - A skin for Big Tick's Rhino2 synth


Almost a year since the last post, and that's how long it took to actually complete this skin.
I did start the work on this project in October 2011 but never finished it.
I recently had a look through my backup drive and found this unfinished skin just laying around, basically finished. After editing a few images and changed a few lines of text code I can now call this a finished project. However I have not used it enough to call it glitchfree so if you happen to find any bugs feel free to report them here.

I know this skin will work on the Windows version but I can't guarantee it will function on OSX version of Rhino.

Here's the download: Ceros 1.0

Fancy screenshot below: