Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ceros - A skin for Big Tick's Rhino2 synth


Almost a year since the last post, and that's how long it took to actually complete this skin.
I did start the work on this project in October 2011 but never finished it.
I recently had a look through my backup drive and found this unfinished skin just laying around, basically finished. After editing a few images and changed a few lines of text code I can now call this a finished project. However I have not used it enough to call it glitchfree so if you happen to find any bugs feel free to report them here.

I know this skin will work on the Windows version but I can't guarantee it will function on OSX version of Rhino.

Here's the download: Ceros 1.0
(Link updated 2021 February 12th)

Fancy screenshot below: