Saturday, June 27, 2009

Atlantis 0.9O - skins updated

In the new version of Atlantis the "new" delaybox is replaced with the old one, of course I had to update my 4 skins for this version of Atlantis.
You can get the 1.03 version of the skins here.

The white skin I've been working on is postphoned for awhile, I don't know for how long though :(

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jeremy Evers Atlantis

Jeremy has made one of the greatest freeware synths, Atlantis. With the update to version 0.9M the synth were made skinnable and ofcourse I couldn't resist to make new clothes for it. :)

Currently there are four colorvariations for this skin one more is in the works but after that I think it'll be enough.

Atlantis skins - preview image - preview image - preview image - preview image

Scanned Synth Pro 2

Humanoid Sound Systems is the author of the Scanned Synth Pro 2 synthesizer, it's synthesis method is rather unique an is called scanned synthesis.
The default gui is tabbed and uses pages for each section of the synth such as synthesis,modulations and effects. I have made a one-page gui where everything is available in one single page, this is also the reason the gui is more compact and has slightly smaller knobs than the default.
Give them a whirl.

One skin - preview image
Brownie skin - preview image
Military skin - preview image

Fuzzpilz plugins

Fuzzpilz have two Vst-plugins on his website, I have made custom skins for both of these plugs.
Charsiesis is a chorus/delay effect module and Oatmeal is 2-oscillator subtractive synthesizer, both are freeware and really top notch plugins.
"Custom" manual for Charsiesis is made by Sinkmusic.

Oatmeal skin - preview image
Charsiesis skin - preview image - preview image - preview image

One small clue

Poise from One small clue is a percussion sampler vsti and it's home is here. I have made 2 skins in the past for Poise and they are included in the installer.
If you for some reason have lost these skins this is the place to get them again ;)

Poise skins - preview image - preview image

Aciddose Xhip skin

Xhip is a free virtual synthesizer and can be downloaded here.
A while ago I made a skin for Xhip which Aciddose implemented,
I've made some small changes to it since then but I'm no good at coding so I'm very limited in further developing it. Nowadays Xhip ships with a very nice, Branis made defalut gui.

Bluberry skin - preview image
Oranges skin - preview image
Peachy skin - preview image
Raspberry skin - preview image
Snow skin - preview image

Themes for Cockos Reaper

First out are my themes for Reaper, note that these themes are old and does not work in the New version 3.x of the program. They should be fine for use up to version 2.58 though.
Themes and preview images can be found at the Reaper stash .

New Blog!

Welcome to the Flavours of Lime!
I know, I know, Limeflavour was already taken so I had to come up with something... ;)

Anyway this blog will be used as a showcase for the graphical interfaces I've created for different audio programs and software plugins, mostly free ones. As this is only a hobby and done in sparetime there aren't that much stuff here yet and updates might be far apart.

First I'll start by posting the work I've done so far and will be adding newer images as soon as anything new is finished. Keep in mind that the oldest work can be a few years old.