Thursday, June 18, 2009

Themes for Cockos Reaper

First out are my themes for Reaper, note that these themes are old and does not work in the New version 3.x of the program. They should be fine for use up to version 2.58 though.
Themes and preview images can be found at the Reaper stash .


  1. Just curious: is there any particular reason why you stopped making REAPER themes?
    With the implementation of WALTER I'm sure you could come up with some simply stellar themes.
    again just curious

    1. Hi,
      For awhile I stopped using Reaper but I have started to use it again, that's the reason why I stopped.
      Building a Reapertheme for the current version is very timeconsuming with Walter/layouts etc. I just don't have that time anymore.