Sunday, September 25, 2011

Alchemy skin updated for v1.25 of Alchemy

Hello all,

As a few of you have noticed the current release candidate of Alchemy makes the Limeflavour skin crash and revert back to the default factory skin.
This is just a small notice about this issues and that the skin have been updated to work with the upcoming version of Camel Audio Alchemy v.1.25.

Many thanks to Andy and Rob at CamelAudio who actually took the time to make the update for this skin, all I did was ask about how to fix the issues and a day later they had solved the problem and already updated my skin. Now if that isn't a support team worth praising over and over I don't know what is.

The new skin is available at your user account at Camel Audio but also as a download below.

Version 1.04 - for Alchemy 1.25
Version 1.01 - for Alchemy 1.20



  1. superb skin ... love it

    but one question ...
    could you make a "night" version of the skin?
    A bit darker like the oatmeal skin or something

  2. Thanks :-)

    Unfortunatley I don't have enough of free time at the moment to create a night version of this skin, I'll keep it in mind though.

  3. Ki LimeFlavour. Sorry to bothering you, but now that Alchemy 1.5 is out, do you have any plans for updating your skin. I'm just so used to it that I miss it already.
    Fernando Manuel Rodrigues

  4. Funny. I just realized that you released the 1.25 version exactly one year ago.
    Happy Birthday to your Alchemy skin ;-)
    Fernando Manuel Rodrigues

  5. Yes, the skin will be updated with the new browser, I'm not sure when because I'm abit short on time at the moment.

    1. Thanks man. Deeply appreciated.

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  7. I know that, unfortunately, Alchemy is likely to never get a new version, but do you still have plans to upgrade your skin to the current version. I really miss it.

  8. Hi,

    The skin was updated in 2012 for version 1.50 of Alchemy.
    I still run it on the latest version (1.55) on windows.

    Link is below:

    If you have any troubles with it please post in the update "thread".

  9. Thanks. You made my day. Downloading right now.