Friday, July 24, 2009

Jeremy Evers Atlantis - Skins updated to version 1.04

With the Update to version 0.9P of the Atlantis virtual synthesizer and filter plugin Jeremy added support for .png files and the use of their alphachannel for transparency.

Again I have updated my skins, and finally been able to eliminate some small bugs that has been bugging me for a long time.

These skins are available to use in both the synthesizer and the filter effect plugin.

Get the new version of the skins from the following link below.
Atlantis skins v1.04
Extra Pack 1

Also be sure you have the latest version of Atlantis, available for free at Jeremy's website :


Download the skins .rar-file.
Extract the .rar-file to Atlantis's 'Skins' folder.
Load up Atlantis in your Vst host, click the 'config' button on the gui and select your skin.


  1. Thanx for you work,
    but current version of skin didn't show modulate area (on sliders) with negative value (triangle turn left).


  2. This is a bug with Atlantis new png support.
    Jeremy provided me with a functioning version, maybe he didn't update the Atlantis on his website?

  3. Awesome. Thanks for the hard work.
    (also on the Oatmeal Lumina)

  4. Nice skins but you might want to check v1.04 update when I load any all I get is the LCD backgrounds however the (original ?) Mimic Skin works fine

  5. This is excellent work. Have you ever thought of trying your hand at the Reaper UI?

  6. I don´t get how to change the skin -.- can somebody pls help me :) ?

  7. Yeah, it got me confused a bit as well, he he :) Here's what you need to do:
    - load Atlantis and look for a button called "config".
    - the skins must be copied in the EXACT LOCATION as the program's default DATA FOLDER (ex: for Windows users will be something like C:\Users\win\etc...) - otherwise it won't see them.
    - make a new subfolder called "skins" and drop the skins in it.

    After that the skins should appear in the skin list. Load the one you like, then close and open again the GUI. Done :)

  8. Wow, awesome...looks great i will use this...

  9. Great skins, especially the last one!
    Is there a way to make it bigger?