Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blue Cat Audio Skins

There are 3 new skins for Blue Cat Audio's Products available to download at Blue Cat's website.
Or you can download them all in one file right here:
BlueCatAudio skinbundle

The skinned plugins are the
Dynamics, Protector and StereoChorus.

Only the stereo version of the Dynamics plugin is skinned, a mono version might be coded later on.


  1. Great job with these skins. I will definitely use the Dynamics one, thanks!

  2. These are the best that I have seen! Fantastic job, thank you! Are you going to do one for Parametr'EQ or Liny EQ?

  3. I haven't planned to skin anything new, but since the knobs and buttons are already finish it would be rather easy to do so.
    If I get some time over I might do some new ones.

  4. Skins are looking really good. I really like this one.

  5. I have noticed that enabling the sidechain filter on the Dynamics plugin actually bypasses or disables the plugin.

  6. Maybe I've accidently mixed the on/off and listen buttons...
    Fixing this as soon as I got a spare minute.

  7. Fixed, I belive.
    Links are updated, I'll also send the new file to Bluecat.

  8. Your skin doesn´t work on my computer, i´m running xp on intel, cubase se 3.0, all other dynamic skins work just fine less this one.
    How do i install it.

  9. You'll need to extract the .zip file to the
    "Blue Cat Dynamics VST(Stereo) data/skins" folder.
    This will create a folder called limeflavour bronze. In the plugin interface go to:
    menu -> global settings -> skin. Browse for the Limeflavour Bronze (stereo).xml file and it should work.

    This skin does not work on the mono version.

  10. This skin almost makes me want to buy some BlueCat plugins.

    >In fact, if I had known about your UltraAnalog Skins when they had that crazy sale, I may have bought the plugin.