Friday, September 25, 2009

Skin for Wusikstation!

I've been working on a skin for the synth and effect version of Wusikstation.

This skin works with version 5.8.4 and above,
it's also included within the installer ofversion 5.8.6.
This is a separate dowload of the exact same skin.

Synth (VSTi) version
Effect (VST) version

Thanks to KVR community for betatesting and bugreporting during the building phase of this skin, also thanks to WilliamK author of the Wusik products for all the input and finally letting the skin be included in the installer.


  1. Any plans to update this skin for version 6? It's my favourite, and I am holding the previous version just because of the skin.

  2. This skin is already updated for v6beta.
    It should be included in the installer since beta15.

  3. this skin ist fantastic

  4. This is the best skin for Wusikstation. Thank you!