Sunday, January 4, 2015

Custom skin for Synapse Dune 2.2


I made a new skin for Synapse Audio's Dune2 vsti synthesizer, the plugin is commercial so you have to own Dune 2 to be able to use this skin. You must also have atleast version 2.2 of Dune installed for skins to be selectable.

Colorscheme is based on the beige/sandy one from my previous Alchemy and Kick skins, may be abit boring but I'm actually quite fond of it.

The skin is provided free of charge.

Feel free to download here:

Extract the file "" to your Dune 2 skins folder.



  1. I would guess it's the same as for Windows, I don't use a Mac so can't tell you for sure.

    Try to do a search for the Synapse Dune folder and locate the Default skin folder, extract the new skin into the same directory.

  2. This skin is amazing! Dune feels like a whole new instrument now :) Really great work mate, thanks for download!

  3. Excellent design, it is modern and sleek. Congratullations dude! Thanks a lot!