Sunday, May 8, 2011

Alchemy skin updated to 1.01

A small notice that the Alchemy skin is now updated to version 1.01.
Issues with AlchemyPlayer is now solved and font images are also updated.

New version can be download here.
Or you can download it at Camel Audio's user library.


  1. Really nice skin man! :)

    Jake Almond

  2. I really love your Alchemy skin (as well as lots of others I also use), but it isn't working with the new Beta AlchemyWin-1-25-0-1834-x32 in Windows 7 x64. Can you please solve the problem? You can contact me at f.m.r (at)

  3. I'm not going to support the beta version right now just because I can't find the time to do so. This being a free skin also puts it a bit down on my to-do list.