Friday, May 6, 2011

Camel Audio Alchemy 1.20.1

Now that the new 1.20.1 verion of Alchemy is released I am also releasing my "new" skin for it.
This skin has been available trough the Camel Audio userarea as beta tester content for a few months but now it is also released to the public.
Either you login at Camel Audio to download the easy installed .CamelSounds file or you can download the Zip file and do the extracting by yourself here.

If you intend to adjust the skin in any way, please read the file named first.

This Skin is only tested on Windows 32bit but it should also work on Win64bit and Mac, however it's not tested on Mac so any bugs found could be reported here.


  1. great skin !!!

    thank you for this,


  2. superb skin ... love it

    but one question ...
    could you make a "night" version of the skin?
    A bit darker like the oatmeal skin or something